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Streamline your order management processes.

Boost sales, strengthen customer relationships, and simplify your operations.


Doosty has a range of features designed to help suppliers grow, reduce costs, and operate more efficiently.

As your business grows, you need tools to help you scale. We work with suppliers of every size and category in any location to help them save time, reduce manual errors, and boost customer satisfaction.


Sell more.

With the Doosty app, your customers will simply buy more! Our smart app will help you increase your revenue by 5 to 10% within three months.


Reduce costs.

Doosty will help you reduce your order management by around 3 hours per customer each month. Your team can now dedicate that extra time to finding new clients.


Boost customer loyalty.

Offer your customers an Amazon-like ordering experience with in-app notifications, chat support, AI product recommendations, tracked shipping, and payment reminders.


Increase basket size and order frequency.

Make purchasing easier and faster for your customers. Show your entire product catalog with real-time product availability and price. Offer your customers an app with search and recommendations that are AI driven, delivery tracking, and order reminders. 

+5-10% increase on orders and revenue within three months.

Reduce costs.

Share the Doosty app with your customers and manage all orders and communications from one place. Minimize order processing and mistakes, and free up time to manage more customers. Your team can now dedicate that extra time to finding new clients instead of managing orders.

3 hours per customer saved each month in managing orders.


Promote your products.

Reach your customers with our in-app promotions tools. With just one click, send a notification to all or a set of your customers.

Automated order processing.

Fully automated order processes to minimize order costs and mistakes.

  • In-app order and payment reminders to receive your money faster

  • Integration with your ERP

  • 24/7 in-app chat support to all your customers

  • Dashboard where you receive orders from all your clients.


Free ordering app for  all your clients.

Taking orders manually (over voice, WhatsApp, email) is slow and time-consuming for everyone and introduces many errors. Customers have a negative experience because they can’t search and browse your products easily or check  availability and prices in real time. 

Give an Amazon-like experience to all your customers, for free!

Coffee Maker

"Today, we work with 135 restaurants. Doosty has given us the possibility to save time and focus on our coffee"

Jenny & Mitch Coffee

So, what are you waiting for?

If you're looking for an app that will care for all your client needs, from ordering to invoices, then look no further than Doosty.

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