FAQs for brands

Learn more about shipping orders, contacting retailers, getting paid, and more.


Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to be approved and start selling on the Doosty platform?

We will contact you within 24h to build your branded shop page. All we need is your product list (name, description, price), and product pictures. The process is super fast.

How many shops are on Doosty? In which countries?

Thousands of food brands and restaurants, cafés, bars, bakeries, and more have already joined our marketplace throughout Europe and the United States.

Can I decide where my products are sold?

Yes, you can set the location where you want your products to be sold.

Is there any benefit to me bringing in my own customers?

Yes, there are three benefits:

  • 0% commission on all orders from your existing customers.
  • We pay the shipping costs for your existing customers.
  • We offer a €100 voucher for the retailer’s first order on your products, to help you build orders quickly.

Why am I paying the commission fee?

You only pay a commission fee on new customers we find for you. Most re-sellers would apply a higher commission fee than the 15% we apply. We don’t have an exclusivity contract or opening fees; you pay only if you sell. Here is a list of our benefits:

  • We find you new customers and help you grow your business;
  • We verify the identity of your customers;
  • We help you gain new customers (newsletter, ads, merchandising, calls with restaurants, etc.);
  • We pay you immediately;
  • We cover your shipping costs;
  • We offer buyers a 60 day payment option, while still paying you immediately, and if they are in default, we absorb the risk and pay you anyway;
  • We offer personalization tools and analytics, help buyers find the right products, ensure your sales grow, and invest almost all the fees in improving the buyers’ experience;

Can I stop selling on Doosty?

Yes, you can stop or pause your account at any time. Just contact us and we will remove your store or pause your account.

What are the minimum orders?

There is no minimum order, however, we require a minimum order of 100€ excl. tax for each brand to offer free shipping, and 300€ excl. tax total order. We will still allow them to purchase a lower order, however, they will need to pay 20€ shipping. Remember, we will always cover the shipping costs for you.

How does the invoicing system work?

When customers buy your products, we ask you to confirm the order. We then issue a pre-invoice to the customer on your behalf. We pay you the entire amount immediately, minus the commission. Customers can pay us immediately or within 60 days. Once we receive payment, we issue an invoice to the customer on your behalf. For more information, please refer to our brand terms of service.

When will I be paid?

When you join, we will ask for your bank account information. We will transfer the money for each order to your account almost immediately, and it should be in your bank account within 1-2 business days. We offer a 60 day payment option to buyers, however, we will pay you immediately.

How do I receive orders?

When we receive an order, we will send you an email. Additionally, you can opt for a WhatsApp message with all the order’s info. You can review and confirm the order and advise us if we need to change the availability. You are required to explicitly confirm or refuse the order.

Can I refuse an order?

Yes! You can decide who you would like to work with. Our buyers are restaurants, cafés, bars, bakeries, and small groceries. We don’t allow them to resell your products to other businesses.

Can I do the delivery myself, ask someone else to do it, or use an external service for shipping?

Yes, you can decide how to deliver or mail the products.

Can I invite other brands to join Doosty?

We pay you €200 if you refer to a brand. Just email us with the brands you would like to invite. Once they register successfully, we pay you €200.

Can I offer testers?

Yes. You would need to send or deliver the products. Testers are extremely effective at attracting new customers. Alternatively, you can offer a lower minimum for first orders.