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Automate your Order Management with AI

Receiving, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders faster with Doosty's order processing powered by AI.

Integrates with your ERP

Why Doosty?

Manually processing orders received via emails, documents, and EDI results in a 4.2% error rate, leading to annual multi-million dollar losses, delays, and customer frustration in the manufacturing industry. Doosty uses AI to  process orders within seconds, eliminating errors.


Time saved in manual entry


Faster processing time


AI reduces manual intervention, leading to an error rate close to zero. 

Thanks to Doosty, we've reduced order processing times by a remarkable 80% and slashed manual errors in half.


Maia G.
Operations Manager

How it works

Detect orders

Automatically detect and process received orders from emails, EDI, fax, and documents.


Extract relevant data from documents regardless of format, language, or length.

Submit to ERP/CRM

Validate and submit to your internal ERP/CRM system.

Integrates with the best

Doosty works seamlessly with the tools you already use: Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and many more.


Built for your team



Empower your sales team to process orders in seconds and boost revenue.



Free your operation team from repetitive and time-consuming manual processes.


Customer success

Reduce manual errors and boost your customer satisfaction.

Our clients say


"Since we integrated Doosty into our operations, we've seen a massive boost in our team's productivity. The time we once spent on manual order entries has drastically reduced by 80%. Now, we can focus more on optimizing our processes and improving customer service. Doosty has truly revolutionized the way we operate"

Elga M.
General Manager

Transparent Pricing
built for partnership.

We offer low monthly volume based price, onboarding, and integrations, all part of our commitment to your success. There are no hidden fees, just mutual growth. Setup requires no downtime on your side, and it's very fast.

Built for suppliers.

Whether you're a family-owned farm or national distributor, our tailor-made platform will change the way you do business. Save time on manual tasks, reduce order mishaps and sell more products.


Schedule your demo today!

Discover the power of automation and AI in order management. See firsthand how Doosty can revolutionize your business process. Schedule your demo today!

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