Sell your products to over 10,000 beauty salons and specialty retailers.

We help you grow your business, always pay you on time, offer free shipping, and help you save time so you can focus on your work. 


Grow your

We build your shop page and promote your products to thousands of beauty salons, spa and retailers in the US and Europe. You set the price of your products and decide who you want to work with.

Get paid immediately.

We pay you on delivery and give buyers the option to pay within 60 days. We take care of all credit card and payment processing and the risk of non-payment.

Deliver for

We refund shipping costs on all your orders to help increase your profit. No fixed costs, no marketing costs. We offer a 0% commission for your existing customers using our service.

Artisanal Soaps

"Today, we work with 135 hair salons. Doosty has given us the possibility to develop our business internationally"

Jenny Crawford , Owner at Soap&Soap

Frequently asked questions

What is Doosty's commission structure?

There’s never any cost when you use Doosty with your existing customers. We offer a 0% commission for your existing customers using our service. You’ll only pay commission on new customers who find your products through our platform—25% on opening orders. We gradually decrease this fee on re-orders.

How does it work?

  1. Apply here to start selling. We will contact you within 24h.
  2. Provide us with a list of your products and their pictures and we will create your store page. We can review it together.
  3. We will show your products to thousands of beauty salons, spa and retailers, and they can buy your products from your store page.
  4. Once we receive an order we will send you all the details so you can prepare and package the products.
  5. At this time you will be in charge of the delivery or mailing of the products. We will refund your shipping costs.
  6. We pay you immediately, while we offer your customers a flexible 60 day payment option, on us.

What is Doosty?

Doosty is a marketplace that connects carefully selected beauty and cosmetics brands with thousands of beauty salons, spa, retailers, and more. Ours is a wholesale marketplace, with competitive prices, and entirely devoted to professionals. We pay you on delivery, and we offer flexible 60 day payment terms to your customers at no additional cost. We also pay your shipping costs.

Do you require exclusivity? Can I still use my sales representation?

We don’t require exclusivity. You can still use your sales representations, and eventually even block geographical areas where you don’t want us to handle sales.

How does the shipping work?

We always refund the shipping costs to you. We might apply a shipping cost fee of 20€ to restaurants if they purchase less than 100€ (excl. tax) from one single store, or if the total order is less than 300€ (excl. tax).

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